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22 Mar 2015 | Grand Fleets: Third Edition now available

by Cricket

Majestic Twelve Games is proud to announce the release of the third edition of Grand Fleets.

Grand Fleets is a tabletop game of naval warfare during the age of the battleship. From the ironclads of the late 1800s to the floating fortresses of World War II, players can take command of the ships that altered the course of history.

In addition to the basic rules for surface actions between 1890 and 1950, Grand Fleets includes rules for using submarines and aircraft alongside your battlewagons. Advanced rules are also provided for things like RADAR, smoke screens, critical hits, fleet morale, night fighting, and destroyer flotillas.

All distances in Grand Fleets are given in thousands of yards (kyds), giving you the flexibility to adapt the tabletop scale to whatever size miniatures you have on hand. The rules are also written to accommodate hex-based play, if desired.

The rulebook contains 160 ship data cards representing over 50 different classes. Best of all, ...

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