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22 Jan 2014 | Happy Birthday, Starmada!

by Cricket

On this day in 1994, I posted the first version of the Starmada rules to the usenet group. That's right; Starmada is twenty years old today!

You can still see the original rules here:!searc ... cIHNNiKX8J

To celebrate this milestone, we've got a number of things in the works for this year:

* A second edition of Starmada: Fleet Ops, compatible with the Nova Rulebook;

* An expanded version of the Admiralty Edition Rulebook, incorporating all of the stuff from the Core Rulebook and Rules Annex into one volume;

* Re-releases of Starmada X and the Starmada Compendium; and

* The next in the Star Fleet Universe series for both Nova and Admiralty Editions.

We hope you'll stick around for the next twenty years!

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