Maneuver Cards

Dan and his friend Jim have been really getting into World War One air combat lately and Dan found this great set of rules called Aces at Dawn™.

Dan, being the good gamer he is, stayed up all night long copying the card decks from his rulebook front to back, cutting them out, and putting them in card protectors. Unfortunately, he only had so many protectors and most of them were protecting his Magic: the Gathering cards. So he took a bunch of cards out of their protectors, among them the first edition Black Lotus, and put them on the table next to his diet Coke.

The cat then jumped up onto the table, looked directly at the Black Lotus and knocked over the diet Coke, soaking the cards completely. Not only did Dan lose an entire night's sleep, but he's also out $1200 to replace his Black Lotus.

Jim went over the next day with his beautifully-painted aircraft and four sets of shiny new Aces at Dawn Maneuver Cards. Dan, having gotten no sleep and completely distracted by ''The Lotus Incident'', lost every game.

Don't be a loser like Dan — pick up your pre-printed Aces at Dawn Maneuver Cards today! They are an easy, low cost alternative to burning up your printer ink and staying up late cutting out cards.

Included in this deal are two complete sets of cards, one for you and one for a friend.

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