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Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:47 pm
by underling
Ironchicken wrote:I have lurked on this thread with interest. I like a lot of the ideas. Generally car games lack the flavour of driving. CarWars never felt like you were driving a car, it was too robotic. I think you have some gems of ideas here.

Well hopefully we'll end up with a system where there's enough detail so that you'll feel like you're maneuvering a vehicle, but not so much detail that you can't run several vehicles in a reasonable amount of time.

Ironchicken wrote:I am going to try and dig out the stuff I was doing a few years ago (little more than a load of principles) and build on some of the excellent stuff suggested above. Hopefully crystalising some of the ideas swimming around in my head into a sensible structure.

Dig 'em out.
The more input we have the better off the rules will be.

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 2:13 am
by go0gleplex

Next question...should we shoot for a set period post-apocalypse/ crashing society background or work for a generic sort of approach? :?:

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 10:01 am
by thedugan
For what it's worth, the whole 'post appocalypse' thing has been overdone, and beisdes, I hate it. It's just a cop out to justify something in most cases...

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 4:36 pm
by underling
go0gleplex wrote:Next question...should we shoot for a set period post-apocalypse/ crashing society background or work for a generic sort of approach? :?:

I play, and have played, a ton of different minitaures games. And to be honest, in most of them, if not all of them, I haven't really paid much attention to the background or fluff.
I'm just not much of a background or fluff guy.
So the short answer is I don't care.
Anything's fine with me.

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 9:32 pm
by Ironchicken

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 10:37 pm
by go0gleplex
Nice rough Iron.

I'll work up the actual skid distance numbers for speeds in 10 mph increments. If I can find the acceleration formula, I'll do those too. :)

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:18 am
by Ironchicken
I tried to keep it simple. Due to granuality in things like speed I kept to a simple 'units'. I tend to use the route of getting a set of mechanics that plays and then refine.

Yes, skidding is too simple at the moment but should be playable.

Take care when trying to develop an acceleration formulae. The variables are so wide. Its not a horsepower V weight thing.

One of the reasons I have never been all that satisfied with the feel of carwars type games is that I raced for about 10 years. I stopped when I started a family. My last car weighed about 650kg and had 121BHP at the wheels. 0-60 was about 5.2 to 5.6. All from a 1950's design 1.3 single cam engine.



Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 3:10 pm
by go0gleplex
Nope...I know acceleration isn't. But in my engineering manuals for traffic and road design are basic charts and such that give a basic solution. So a small car may accel so much distance and a big rig a different distance. :) 21 years of road design...should suffice for something workable, eh? *chuckles*

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 4:00 pm
by Ironchicken
I'll trust you 8)

Without knowing your background I could just see the HP/weight*factor type formula coming out. Which tends to be rubbish. I tend to go for the impirical (SP) feels right approach and then argue the point on the boarderline.

Part of it relies upon the style of game. I lean towards a simple and fun game that has the right feel even if not necessarily accurate (Cararmada?). I am also of the camp of get something bashed together that can be played to prove the principles are right and then prioritise where effort is needed on refinements.

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 2:59 am
by jygro
I think the easiest way to handle top speed and acceleration is have the player pick what they want for the car and have it 'cost' accordingly. If I want a 140mph top speed and a 20 mph acceleration, I look at a chart and it tells me the cost in terms of size and price for the vehicle type I'm building and I move on.

Leave the engine building and physics behind it to the engine builders and the physicists.