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Alien Armada errata

Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:20 pm
by mj12games
Below are the errors that crept into Alien Armada:

pp. 25-82: Nearly all ships had their transporters omitted. All Base Stations should have 12 marines. All Large Q-Ships' phaser-3 firing arcs should be [EF][EF].

p. 38: Klingon E7 should not have probes. This reduces its cost to 299.

p. 44: Kzinti Police Cutter should have only 6 marines. This reduces its cost to 124.

p. 49: Neo-Tholian Frigate should have only 3 marines. This reduces its cost to 143.

p. 50: Orion Battlecruiser, shield facets should be 3-3-3-2-2-3.

p. 55: Orion Double Raider should have 12 marines. This increases its cost to 231, or 303 with a cloaking device.

p. 58: Orion Medium Raider should have 2 disruptors with firing arcs [AB][AB].

p. 62: Romulan Small Q-Ship, plasma-Fs should be plasma-Ds. Romulan Large Q-Ship, plasma-D firing arcs should be [ACE][ACE] [BDF][BDF]. Cost should be 167.

p. 70: Seltorian Light Dreadnought, phaser-1 firing arcs should be [AB][AB] [ABC][ABC] [ABD][ABD] [ACE][ACE] [BDF][BDF]. This increases its cost to 303.