My own command rules...

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My own command rules...

Postby madpax » Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:37 pm

Well, those are not really command rules per se, but I didn't know what to say... :D :oops:
After one game with a friend (a newbie), who had some difficulties trying to use the movement rules (deciding which speed to use, using thrust, etc.), and seeing that it slowed the game, I decided to design the following, fairly inspired by SFO rules:
- Just before rolling the init, each playing places a face-down chit for each ship. Each chit is either All Stop, Hard Turn, Come About or Full Speed. You cannot place a chit if the speed if going from all stop to full speed or vice versa (at first, I thought to allow speed change only to the next, but it would have make the ship to cumbersome to maneuver). Hard turn and come about from the previous turn thus allow you to chose any speed.
- During the movement phase, using initiative as usual, a player activating a ship reveals its chit, removes the old one, and move his ship. Each speed has the following parameters:
- All stop: No move, up to 180° pivot
- Hard turn: May move up to 1/2 thrust, up to 120° pivot.
- Come About: Move between 1/2 thrust and thrust, up to 60° pivot
- Full speed: Move between thrust and twice thrust, no pivot.

If everything goes well, I should try that next week, in addition to ships designed by myself, designed especially to be as simple as possible to use, the goal being that I wanted to play big fleets during a (short) afternoon).


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