2 More MJ12 Ebks in my PC - go to Defiance to see the other

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2 More MJ12 Ebks in my PC - go to Defiance to see the other

Postby Blackronin » Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:44 pm

Yesterday. Correcting student school tests. 09pm. Bored with the general lack of knowledge. Defiance Army Idea. No army construction rules. Damn internet and online stores. Bought it and ARES also. It was already in the list. Read the Defiance rules and fluff. Some. Looked at the watch. 17 more tests to correct. 11 and some pm. Correcting. Finnaly ended. It's already next day. School classes at 08.30 am. Wife sleeps. Tired but still... some ARES reading. Missing something. Ahhh yes. Going to sleep.

So. I forgot almost all I read yesterday. But not my final thought. Here it goes:

This system doesn't need a 3th edition at the moment, to be a great material, top of the notch. Needs a Universe. A good, versatile Universe, so that these rules shine like a new dime.
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