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LotR conversions

Postby cosworth » Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:32 am

I recently purchased ARES and love it so far. What a gem this is.
I've played a lot of LotR from GW the past years but think that ARES is a better ruleset. The task of generating profiles for all the LotR models is somewhat daunting so has anyone already done so? (and is willing to share ;) )

I've found a few excel sheets in the yahoo group, but nothing substantial.

I suppose a conversion would call for some conversion methods to keep the flavour intact. e.g. average human would have a d6 as CC die while Uruk's would have d8 etc.

The only thing I would miss from the GW system is might points that allow you to perform heroic actions and modify dice rolls. Anyone has good houserules for that?

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