Grand Admiral: Castles of Steel

We may now picture this great Fleet, with its flotillas and cruisers, steaming slowly out of Portland Harbour, squadron by squadron, scores of gigantic castles of steel wending their way across the misty, shining sea, like giants bowed in anxious thought. We may picture them again as darkness fell, eighteen miles of warships running at high speed and in absolute blackness through the narrow Straits, bearing with them into the broad waters of the North the safeguard of considerable affairs... The King's ships were at sea.

— Winston Churchill, 1923

During the pivotal years of 1915 and 1916, the future of the world hung in the balance as the Royal Navy time and again failed to deliver on promises of tactical success amid the cold, grey waters of the North Sea. But the strategic situation was much different, as each passing month of the Allied blockade brought the Central Powers closer to defeat.

Did the Kaiser's reluctance to commit his beloved High Seas Fleet doom the German people? Was Admiral Beatty the second coming of Nelson himself, or a charismatic, risk-taking glory hound? Might someone other than Jellicoe at Jutland have brought the decisive victory for which the British were so desperate; or, as Churchill feared, might he have lost the War in a single afternoon?

These questions and more are yours to answer as you sail into battle…

Grand Admiral: Castles of Steel includes the following:

* Requires some assembly.

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