Grand Fleets: Jutland Data Cards

On May 31, 1916, the dreadnought battleships of Great Britain and Germany met for the first, and only, time. All told, 250 warships carrying upwards of 100,000 sailors clashed in the cold grey seas of the North Sea, with the outcome of the Great War in the balance. By the time the fleets separated the following morning, nearly 200,000 tons of shipping lay on the sea floor.

Now, players can refight this epic engagement with Grand Fleets ship data cards representing the forces of the British Grand Fleet and German Hochseeflotte.

Jutland Data Cards covers every major warship involved in the Battle of Jutland, from mighty battleships to fast light cruisers: 109 in all. Each full-color data card includes game data and a silhouette of the ship. These cards are the same size as standard playing cards, allowing players to slip them into common deck protectors and track damage with a dry erase marker that will wipe clean after the battle!

Please note that this product includes only the ship data cards; no rules or scenario text is provided. The Grand Fleets: Third Edition Rulebook is required to use this product.

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