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Product Description

Spitting Fire™ is a pseudo-historical game of aerial combat, set during the turbulent years of World War II.

Between 1939 and 1945, nearly the entire globe became entangled in the most expansive and destructive conflict ever seen. Although responsible for unimaginable terror and tragedy, the war also gave birth to innovation and invention on an unprecedented scale.

With Spitting Fire, players can take control of the aircraft forged in this crucible of conflict, and battle each other in skies the world over! We should state at the outset that those who are aching for an historically-accurate, painstakingly-researched, richly-detailed simulation of World War II dogfights should probably look elsewhere. While such games can be exciting, they aren't what we had in mind. However, if you want a fast-playing, fun game that gives a nod to history without getting bogged down in documentary minutiae, then Spitting Fire is for you.

Spitting Fire is designed to be used with any scale from 1:700 to 1:72 (although larger scales will require a substantial playing area). The rulebook includes data cards for 25 of the most famous fighters from World War II, with others to be released soon!

Written by Daniel Kast
48pp. saddle-stitched
Released November 2006