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A nine-stone weakling with knobbly knees

Product Description

"Fire at will, Commander!"

No sooner had Fleet Captain Frederic Antimony spoken these words, than a flash appeared on the viewscreen, and a half-dozen enemy starfighters disappeared from existence. Antimony's crew had learned long ago to anticipate their captain's moves, and almost before the order came down the Indefatigable's powerful laser batteries lashed out with frightening efficiency. A cheer erupted from the bridge crew.

Antimony wished he could share in their enthusiasm and optimism. He knew better than to underestimate his opponent; the battle had been joined, and until it was won, he could not allow himself even a moment's lapse in concentration. And yet, Antimony could not help feeling a little disappointed. He had expected more from his opponent; so far, she displayed little of the brilliance that had forced the Imperial Starmada into this climactic confrontation.

The Fleet Captain betrayed little of this introspection as he turned to relay a new set of orders to his subordinates. Just then, one of the communications officers let out a cry of alarm.

"Captain! Three enemy destroyers are de-cloaking in our starboard quarter!"

Antimony whirled and fixed his gaze on the screen, where the new antagonists were just now coming into view. So, he thought to himself, this will be interesting after all...

Finally, it's here! The long-awaited Starmada Compendium™ puts everything from the Starmada rulebook and first three expansions into one 176-page volume. All the weapons, equipment, and rules previously published for Starmada have been dusted off, polished up, and re-arranged into one shockingly-complete book.

But that's not all! It has new stuff, too, like Interdictor Fields, Minesweepers, and guidelines for Solitaire Play!

Written by Daniel Kast
176pp. perfect bound
Released March 2003