Wardogs Rulebook

Wardogs™ puts players in charge of mercenary forces hired by independent colonies, colonial militia, or the military of one of the four burgeoning multi-system nations that exist in the thirty-fourth century. Included in this book are record sheets for three dozen Wardog units, plus eleven standard infantry squad types typically found deployed among the twelve independent colonies and four stellar nations. The rocky road Man has traveled to reach the stars and the events that came after are given in enough detail to provide a feel for this default setting without being so detailed that the players cannot make it their own.

Nor are players limited to the units and timeline provided. Construction rules allow for development of mecha, armored vehicles, aircraft, naval landing and riverine craft, buildings, and infantry types ranging from steampunk to beyond the thirty-fourth century. In addition, players can create almost 900 different planetary environmental conditions in which to do battle with the Hostile Environment rules. Optional rules are also included for infantry morale, pilot skill advancement, and integrating Wardogs with Starmada.

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