Grand Fleets: King & Kaiser (Second Edition)

''The British navy saved the world.''

King & Kaiser™ is the first scenario book for the second edition of Grand Fleets. Within these pages, you will find everything you need to fight out the near-run thing that was the Great War at sea.

While great armies slogged through the Flanders mud and clashed over a sun-dried patch of Anatolian rock, the course of human affairs was directed by the men and machines that steamed the oceans of the world. Across the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the North Sea, two powerful navies battled for supremacy, a life-and-death struggle that resonated throughout the twentieth century.

In addition to more than fifty data cards detailing ships of the Kaiserliche Marine and the Royal Navy, King & Kaiser includes half a dozen scenarios from the early years of World War I. Take on the role of Spee, Beatty, Hipper, or Admiral Sir John Jellicoe — the only man who could lose the war in an afternoon.

Do you have what it takes to keep the German threat bottled up at Kiel, making the seas safe for democracy? Or can you break the back of the Grand Fleet and provide for the German Empire her place in the sun?

King & Kaiser is not a complete game in itself; the Grand Fleets Rulebook is required to make use of this product.

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