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Product Description

"In seven days the whole world will be talking about our fleet."

Tsar & Emperor™ is the second scenario book for Grand Fleets, covering naval engagements during the first year of the Russo-Japanese War.

At the turn of the century, the idea that an upstart Asian nation could defeat one of the European Great Powers was laughable. Japan may have unexpectedly prevailed against China ten years earlier, but few had any doubts Russian battleships would make quick work of the Combined Fleet.

Admiral Togo largely answered those doubts with his surprise attack on Port Arthur. The war which followed was the first to translate the rapid technological advances of the late 19th century into massive casualty counts, presaging the killing fields of Flanders, leading many to dub it "World War Zero".

In addition to eight historical scenarios, Tsar & Emperor contains a total of 160 individual ship cards, including more than 80 named ships from over 50 different classes of the Imperial Japanese and Russian Navies, alongside selected ships of the pre-World War period from the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, the Chinese Beiyang Fleet, and the Ottoman Empire.

Can you preserve the honor of the Tsar against naked aggression? Or will you advance the Emperor's dream of a modern Japan, taking her rightful place on the world stage?

Tsar & Emperor is not a complete game in itself; the Grand Fleets: Third Edition Rulebook is required to make use of this product.

Written by Daniel Kast
48pp. saddle-stitched
Released March 2016