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Make me a sergeant and charge the booze

Wargaming on an Epic Scale

The Blight has passed, and the long, slow road to recovery begins.

The Emperor has been in exile for a dozen years and more. Despite their reduced numbers and weakened condition, his Golden Legions remain formidable.

They are needed, for Magistrate Fuzen Jao has returned. Thought to have perished in one of the last great battles of the Invasion, Jao revealed himself less than a year ago, shaking the galaxy to its core. Previously remembered as a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice in a valiant last stand against the Aracine hordes, the Magistrate's return has been welcomed by few.

Quantum Legions™ is a game of science fiction ground combat — or more specifically, a series of games simulating battalion-level conflict within the universe of the Thirteen Provinces.

Innovative command and combat mechanics allow players to quickly and easily fight out any number of battles of varying sizes, keeping the focus on tactics rather than rules. Though designed as a "hex-n-counter" board game, Quantum Legions can easily be adapted as a miniatures wargame. Details on how this can be accomplished are provided in the rulebook.

Finally, like most Majestic Twelve products, Quantum Legions includes rules for creating your own units so you can add to its exciting background, simulate your favorite movies and television shows, or create your very own universe!

Quantum Legions: Wargaming on an Epic Scale.




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