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Jesus of Suburbia is a lie

Product Description

Welcome to the Imperial Starmada Sourcebook, the first in what is hoped to be a long series of setting books in support of the Starmada™ game.

These pages describe the universe of the Imperial Starmada: the interstellar naval arm of the Terran military. Although in a state of uneasy peace with its immediate neighbors, the Starmada is now faced with its greatest threat — an alien power of unknown size, strength, and intention. Can the Terrans summon a coalition to face down this new adversary, or will old enmities force the Empire to its knees?

In addition to historical background for five different factions in the Starmada universe, the Imperial Starmada Sourcebook includes:

The Imperial Starmada Sourcebook is not a stand-alone product; ownership of the Starmada Admiralty Edition Core Rulebook is required.

Written by Daniel Kast
80pp. perfect bound
Released January 2008